• Welcome to Our store Flower Bazaaar
  • Call us: 7278666999
  • Welcome to Our store Flower Bazaaar
  • Call Us: 7278666999
Know About us

Flower Bazaaar is an E-commerce market place for B2B Buying & Selling of Indian and imported flowers & leaf’s. Flower bazaaar is operated through mobile application, itis available both on Android and IOS. Buyers across India can buy through Flower Bazaaar Buyer App and one can sell through Flower Bazaaar Seller App.

Flower Bazaaar is a one stop shop to buy all kinds of Indian flowers, imported flowers and leafs in Bulk. By using Flower Bazaaar Buyerapp the Re-sellers, Decorators, Wedding planners and Event companies can buy directly from the growers and whole sellers from any part of the country.By using Flower Bazaaar Seller App the growers, whole sellers, re-sellers, can sell directly to the buyers across India without any hassle, with the support of Flower Bazaaar team.

How it all began

Founded with a vision and a strong desire to empower the Flower Trading Industry through E-commercemarket place. It is backed by 3 brothers who are a very good example of partnership, the team of 3 brothers are Syed Atif, Syed Kashif and Syed Tousif, it will excite you that all the 3 brothers are CA Alumnus, the team of 3 brothers already own 4 Prominent businesses being perfect Notion of entrepreneurship.

Businesses owned by them are Melting Flowers, Lucky Wedding Rental, Flower Fashion India & Lucky Lighthouse

Having the decoration background makes them understand the pain points of the buyers and sellers, the idea of Flower Bazaaaris to overcome these problems and to solve them with the best solution in turn to create an opportunity for Buyers& Sellers.

The Ultimate Advantage

At Flower Bazaaar, we know that Flower Buyers look for five important aspects: Quality, Variety, Quantity, Competitive Prices & Convenience, this is why our marketplace offers you the possibility to order fresh flowers across India at best and competitive prices straight from your mobile.

Now source your flowers 24/7 and have them delivered to your city.


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