Pretty Flowers For Your Pretty Mom

Pretty Flowers For Your Pretty Mom

Do we require a day to celebrate the presence of our moms? No. Do we have to wait for mother’s day to give something to our mom? No. But one thing that we do require is a guide on what flowers to give to our moms. So to help you out we are here with a list of pretty flowers that you can present to your moms. 



The emotions are never-ending, especially when it comes to our moms. Like, we get angry with them but at the same time, we love them as well. There is a mixture of emotions in the relationship. So to depict this mixture, the tulip is the best flower you can get. Its various colors symbolize various emotions. You can give whatever you feel is the most relevant and essential for you and your mom.


The red color represents love while pink shows affection. White color on the other hand symbolizes apology. So choose accordingly. You can even go for a bouquet as well. There is no issue with that. A bunch of tulips will surely put a smile on your mom’s face.


Purity, cheerfulness, and innocence, daisies are a complete mixture of these characteristics. You don’t need to opt for different colors to get these emotions, it is all there in daisies. The flower with its bright colors can bring a big smile to your mom’s face and that is all we want. So if you just want to keep things simple and beautiful, opt for daisies.



Just like tulips, carnations are also available in a variety of colors. So you are having a lot of options in choosing the flower for your mom. When it comes to symbolization, the white carnation represents good luck, dark red represents a heart filled with love, light red represents admiration, etc.


Though there is a variety of options available, we would still suggest you go with pink carnations as it represents the mother’s love. Let me tell you, the carnations are the ones who saw the beginning of the mother’s day celebrations. The founder of mother’s day sent this flower to all other women in the honor of her late mother as carnations were her favorite flowers.



The size of the peonies is impressive. So the best possible gift you can make out of peonies is a bouquet. The looks and size are perfect for this. Peonies offer you a variety of colors such as white, pink, red,  purple, etc. You can go for a bouquet having various colors or pick a single color.


Another thing that will make your mother happy is that these are very suitable for showpieces and we all know how much love our moms have for house-related pieces of stuff. The smell is pleasant so it will work well as a decoration too.



Roses are not just for Valentine’s. We give them to our love partners because roses symbolize love. With our moms, the case is the same, it’s all about love, so roses are perfect for them. The best part is that the buying process is very simple. There is no need of going through any thought processing, just buy them. 


The magic is there with the rose that even a single rose can do the job with perfection. I don’t think there is any need of saying anything regarding the smell and other benefits of roses as I have already said, there is no need for thought processing. So just buy and gift them to your mom.



In terms of looks, orchids have an edge over other flowers. It is even said that orchids are the most stylish flower. The reason for this is their evolving nature. They come in varieties with different colors and sizes. Because of their overall look, orchids can also be termed trendy flowers.

So if your mom is someone who loves to follow the trends and is the most stylish in your family, then orchids are tailor-made for them. The looks are already pretty and its bold colors are enough to make your mom feel special.



Unfortunately, the list ends here. You can choose any flower from the above list as all represent love and affection. No matter what flower you choose, your mom will be happy for sure. That is the beauty of our moms! For more such blogs, keep visiting our website Flower Bazaaar. Do check us out.


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