Splendid Six: Types of Roses

Splendid Six: Types of Roses

I am sure, that when you hear roses, the very first picture that comes to your mind is of dark roses. But for those who have no idea, there are many more varieties of roses and many more colors in which they are available. To give you more idea on this, we are back with some popular and lovely varieties or types of roses that you must know. So let’s begin our list.


Shrub Rose

This rose is a combination of traditional and modern design. So if you are looking for a flower that gives your garden a touch of modern as well as traditional flora, this flower can be given a try. Apart from that, what makes it more interesting is its resemblance to cabbage. I know it sounds funny but it is true. The presence of double-layered petals that are closely attached to each other, makes it look like a cabbage.


When it comes to colors, it gives you a lot of options. The flower is available in the shades of the rainbow. Except for green and blue, you can find them in all colors of the rainbow. Examples of this variety of rose are Iceberg and Beach.


Bourbon Rose

The commercial value of this flower is very much. The industry of Gulkand depends upon it. Not only this but Bourbon Rose is also used for making rose oils. Its magnificent smell allows us to do so. Apart from commercial value, this flower can also increase the value of your garden in terms of looks. The flower is a cross result of Damask and Old Bush China Rose and mainly grows in areas of Pushkar and Haldighatti. You can spot them in snow white or dark pink colors. One such example of Bourbon Rose is Zephirine Drouhin.


Damask Rose

We have just talked about the Damask rose and how it is related to Bourbon Rose. Now it’s time to talk about Damask Rose. this rose is itself a cross-product. The species involved in so are Rosa Moschata and  Rosa gallica. In terms of colors, it usually appears in shades of pink, from light to dark. Examples of Damask roses are Noorjaha, Him Himroza, and Him Jwala.


Before moving to the next variety, let me tell you about its commercial value as well. In India, this Flower is widely used in making perfumes. Since its petals are edible, the industries of herbal teas, flavor dishes, and preservative Gulkand also use these flowers. Thus a very important variety of rose from all aspects.


Alba Rose

Forget everything, one look at this flower is enough to make you fall in love with it. The combination of white and pink is already a deadly one and when it combines with the superb petal architecture of roses, you can surely expect an eye-pleasing sight. Alba rose! It is one of the oldest varieties of roses. The flower is not only beautiful but tough as well. It can show resistance to many diseases and even withstand a shady environment as well. The fragrance also soothes the mind.


Floribunda Rose

My line definition for this flower is, ‘A flower with a class’. I am not saying this without any reason. The look of this flower made me do so. Floribunda Rose is a cross between HT and Polyantha variety of roses.  The flower comes with solid colors such as yellow, white, purple, orange, and pink. The petals are large in size and dense. The purple variety of floribunda roses when matched with a grey background will surely give you an idea of what a true class looks like. Some examples of this variety are Sindoor, Chandram, Rays, Kusum, Mahak, Summer Snow, etc.


Hybrid Tea Rose

This is also one of the most popular varieties of roses. You can also call it HT,  it is the same. The flower is a cross of tea and perpetual rose, and this can be seen from the name itself. When it comes to looks, the flower is blessed with around 40-50 petals, all of these petals are bushier in nature. Thus, it is perfect for cutting flowers. If looking for cut flowers for your yard, do not miss out on this. Some examples of HT Roses are Love, Evening Star, Happiness, Golden Giant, etc.



So here we end our list of splendid six. Hope you have liked it. We will be back with more such series. So do visit our website, Flower Bazaaar. We deal with the buying and selling of all kinds of flowers. Whether it’s imported ones or regular ones, we do not miss any flowers.

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